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What is Biz DataPower

Biz DataPower is a complete decision support software framework, source agnostic and business driven, to expose actionable insights and accelerate decision making based in data and knowledge generation.

All about decision process

Our platform is business driven designed, with solutions oriented for retail and manufacturing. We look for the technology that fits a business purpose instead of shaping the problem to the technology itself.

Ready to use business models

Designing and integrating solutions is time-demanding and critical for success. We accelerate deployment and mitigate risk with predefined models, that include data transformation, auditing and governance support.

Customizable and expandable

With open code, the framework can be extended to efficiently integrate with different data sources and to develop new business models.

Source technology agnostic

Compatible with SAP, Oracle and other ERP/DW systems, it offers the industry best practices for forecast, planning, replenishment, among other processes.

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The heart of Biz DataPower has been around for a couple of years, here are testimonials of some of journey customers


Please, feel free to message us for enquiries. We believe that we will be adding value to your business proposition from day one, we are happy to take you through a free trial and even proof of concept with your own data. Leave a message and we will get back to you, with credentials to access our software.